Rocking H Ranch
established 1992
The Rocking H Ranch in Kennedale, Texas is a 4 1/2 acre residence with many amenities. For many years we have hosted  an annual Christmas Toy Drive; KISD events including kindergarten day, a Just for Fun 6th grade party, and many teacher get togethers to benefit the Kennedale Educational Foundation because we wanted to share this space with others.

The past few years we also opened our home, which many said was the perfect setting for: a get together with friends, family reunions, devotionals, graduation party, anniversary party, birthday party, youth groups, staff planning, and many more!  Despite heartbreak and all our efforts  we have been forced to stop offering these events.  The money collected helped to fund the charities we support and primarily feed 150+ kids in our community all their weekend meals during the school year through the backpack program.  

Please look to the Donations page to see how you can help to continue the efforts!
Welcome to the Rocking H Ranch